Saturday, August 25, 2012

A treasure trove of Barbie patterns!

I've been busy and on the run all summer - still managing to work on some projects here and there, but not spending nearly as much time in my craft cave as I should. I've been sick for the last two weeks, but my daughter's sixth birthday is approaching so it's time to get back in Create Mode again!

My mom just texted me and asked the age-old question, "What does she want for her birthday?" I'm never quite sure what to say - because we have our fair share of toys and some definitely don't see the light of day that much, which saddens me. She admitted the other day that other than the fact that last year's present, a Cabbage Patch doll, "stinks like baby powder," she also doesn't like the clothes she came with. "We can fix that!" I cheerfully screeched upstairs, coughing and hacking (my husband jokes that I sound like Suzanne Pleshette when I'm sick). So when my mom texted me, of course I immediately thought, "Pinterest!"

I haven't even got to the Cabbage Patch patterns, but instead searched for Barbie first. There are some really wonderful things on there, that definitely take me back to play dates at classmates' houses, trunks of Barbies strewn all over the floor. I had a number of Barbies, but never seemed to have as many clothes for them as my friends did. (I know, I was so deprived...)

There are a number of nice ones available through regular pattern manufacturers, and you can get them anytime Joann's has a pattern sale. Be forewarned, though - as far as I can remember, they're all designed for the older Barbies - the newer ones have had a bit more of a bust makeover (in a lame attempt to look 'more realistic.') Whatever. But it's an easy fix. If you're experienced enough, you probably don't even need a pattern, and I easily created a halter top design just by sewing darts in a rectangle with a Velcro closure. Easy peasy!

Here are some cute ones I found on Pinterest, via : instant nostalgia!

Nice, modest patterns (because who of us haven't noticed that Barbie's wardrobe in stores these days is lacking a little.... fabric?) - my favorite is the second one from the left, top row. Super cute! The poster also includes all the original links to the pattern in the forum post. Excellent!

Here's another one:

Aren't these gorgeous?! I love the fabrics! So cute.

Now all I have to do is get started... if I do one outfit a day for a year......

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